(1) Broad antimicrobial spectrum (range of effects)

It is effective against more than 2,000 fungi in total of more than 1,000 fungi, more than 700 bacteria, more than 230 algae, actinomycetes, and more than 50 yeast bacteria.

(2) Since it is a non-effusing system after drying, it has long-lasting antifungal, antibacterial and antialgal effects.

It can hold a long-term antibacterial effect.

(3) Application to various materials is possible

It can also be applied to materials that do not have chemical resistance.

(4) High safety

Because of the high safety of agents that control mold, it is possible to paint anywhere.

(5) Easy to process

Installation is easy because there is a roller, brush coating, spray coating and hand spray type.

(6) Mold inhibitors are complex, so resistant bacteria are difficult to form and chemically stable

It suppresses various bacteria by its complex antifungal effect.

(7) Demonstrate high antibacterial effect

In addition to fungi, it also has anti-bacterial activity from E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA, etc.

(8) Ensure high transparency

It exerts a long-term antifungal effect in various places without worrying about the base material.