MD coat has a broad spectrum of antibacterial spectrum, and exerts an effective suppression effect against mold fungi, bacteria and algae (total of more than 2000 types). It is said that there are molds of 80 genera and 60 fungi in the living space and 120 genera of 120 genera in the building, but all of these are effective.

Antifungal agents appear to be highly toxic, but can be used in various places to form an unprecedented inhibitory effect and low toxicity, non-effusing coating film, and can be used for long-term protection Mold and antibacterial effects last.

Material safety

Dioxins detection testNo detection toxicity for all 14 items
Furans detection testNo detection toxicity for all 14 items
Acute toxicity test with killifish
(Fish toxicity) LC 50
24 hours: 1100 mg/l,
48 hours: 1100 mg/l
96 hours: 1100 mg/l
Mutagenicity (AMES) testMutagenicity: Negative
Primary skin irritation test with rabbitsMild irritation
Skin sensitization test using guinea pigWithout skin sensitization
Acute oral toxicity test using miceMale: 31.3 ml/kg,
Female: 34.3 ml/kg
Eye irritation test with rabbitMild irritation product
Fungal resistance testHyphal growth not observed
O-157 antibacterial testAfter 24 hours <100
MRSA antibacterial testAfter 24 hours <10
Legionella bacteria antibacterial testAfter 24 hours <100
Cytotoxicity testIC50 value: 0.017mg/ml