Is “mold” strong?


Even if you take care of your diet and take care of your health by exercising, as long as living in a place where mold is growing, you cannot be healthy.

Mold spores are floating in the air and can be a risk to inhale into the body. If it is a small amount of mold spores, people with physical strength can deal with it with their immune system. However, for some people who has no physical strength, the lungs are covered with mold, and it will be a cause of serious disease.

Mold removal and measures to prevent mold from occurring are necessary for a healthy life, but even in public facilities that are used by an unspecified number of people, mold measures are very important for them.

Especially in hospitals and nursing homes where there are people with weakened physical strength, there is a risk of in-hospital infections caused by mold. In fact, even in university hospitals, they have mold problem in the place such as air conditioners and refrigerators.

Anti-mold measures are necessary to live a healthy life. However, in families and public facilities, it is impossible to ignore mold measures that may damage the health of visitors.

Conditions and locations where anti-mold measures can be taken

By using different anti-mold products depending on the place where mold occurs, you will be able to take measures to prevent mold everywhere.

This is the comparative chart of our two products. Anti-Mold spray and MD Coat. If you use these two products, you can prevent from mold growth anywhere!

Location and situationAnti-Mold sprayMD COAT
Where mold is growing
The room and the whole building smell musty.
Poor ventilation in the bathroom×
Indoor humidity is high
There is a room or building in a wet place×
Poor ventilation under the eaves and attic
Trees surround the building
Do not use the room or building for a long period of time
A place where an unspecified number of people use slippers×
A place where lots of people take off their shoes and walk on the floor×
Where the bathroom and room are connected
A place where the floor (mat, etc.) is always wet×
A room on the north side or a dark place even during the day
Rooms has condensation windows
A room with a fixed carpet×
A house with bare concrete
Anti-mold measures can be taken for several months
Anti-mold measures can be taken on a yearly base×

○:Can be used as antifungal measures、△:Can be sued in some case、×:Not availbale