What’s Anti-Mold spray

Product Feature

Anti-Mold spray is a mold cleaning/mold prevention spray product that suppresses the growth of mold in the short to medium term. It has the double effect ① removing mold and ② preventing mold .Anti-Mold spray
High Effect
By using composite materials, it is possible to demonstrate the effect of suppressing the growth of various types of mold fungi and bacteria that exist indoors. This makes it easier to maintain a comfortable indoor space.
Easy to use
This product can also be used as a mold remover. It does not have the bleaching effect of sodium hypochlorite-based mold remover, so it can be used on textiles and leather products without worrying about bleaching.
Continuous effect
The mold growth inhibitory effect lasts for up to 3 months. Once sprayed, the anti-mold effect will last as long as the ingredients remain. This leads to reduction of cleaning burden.
High safety
Moldefeat is the low-toxic anti-mold agent, and it is less impact on the human body. We have conducted skin contact tests and single-dose toxicity tests (acute toxicity tests).

Product comparison table

Products that are said to be anti-mold agents can be classified into three categories.

① Mold remover ・・・ It only removes existing mold and has no effect of suppressing the growth of mold.

② Anti- mold agent ・・・ Effective in suppressing mold growth in the short to medium term after removing mold.

③ Prevent-mold agent: Effective in suppressing the growth of mold over the medium to long term.

Comparative table of Anti-mold agent
Product nameClassificationDuration of effectHandling safetyAfter dryingEffects on the human body
Sodium hypochlorite① Remove mold
2~3daysChlorine gas (extremely toxic)
Chlorine toxic   
Anti-Mold spray
(Spray type)
①Remove mold
~ 3months Non-hazardousTransparentSafety
General anti-mold paint③Prevent mold~ 1yearNon-hazardousWhite and other colorsCombustible Liquid
Poisoning ingredients
Anti-mold coating MD COAT
(Coating agent)
③Prevent mold~ 3yearNon-hazardousTransparentSafety

Anti-mold performance test

Anti-Mold spray shows an highly effect against various mold fungi present indoors.

A third-party testing agency reported that Anti-Mold spray applied surfaces showed no mold growth even after four weeks.

Moreover, it became clear that mold cannot be detected not only with the human eye, but also with a microscope.

It is also effective against black mold that grows strongly.

Mold inhibition test by a third party
防カビ性能試験方法:JIS Z 2911:2018 かび抵抗性試験方法
5 types of molds used
Mold types for testingJAPANESEHabitat/breeding grounds
Aspergillus niger黒コウジカビVarious area indoor
Penicilium pinophilumアオカビFood, Fruit, tatami, Clothing
Paecilomyces variotiiペシロマイセス バリオッティHuman body, Food, Fruit, Tatami, Clothing
Trichoderma virensトリコデルマ・ビレンスPaper, Wood, Tatami, Textile products, Leather products
Chaetomium globosumケトミウム・グロボサムpaper, Wood, Tatami, Textile products, Grains
Mold suppression performance confirmation test (Halo test)

This test confirms the halo effect (repellent effect) against black mold (Cladosporium).

The white circles in the photo are suction paper soaked with Anti-Mold spray.

Results after 7 days showed that most of the black mold was unable to grow near the Anti-Mold spray.

Principle of mold prevention

Anti-Mold spray is a compound synthetic agent based on organic existing chemical substances, and like other organic and pesticide-based antifungal agents, it destroys the cell walls of bacteria and fungi. After that it also allow to leak out proteins and ATP and starts to inhibit the synthesis of DNA, SH groups, etc., and exerts an inhibitory effect on fungi.

 Bacteria whose synthesis is inhibited transmit danger information to the same kind of fungi, so the same kind of fungi will no longer approach the surface coated with Anti-Mold spray (Evacuation effect). Therefore, fungi cannot obtain the nutrients enough and it leads to die out.

Due to this principle, Anti-Mold spray has the characteristic that resistant bacteria are difficult to develop because fungi do not approach.

Safety test

Anti-Mold spray is “not a harmful substance” in acute toxicity tests, and “safe” in skin patch tests, so that there is no problem even if it is inhaled or gets into the mouth when using it.

acute toxicity testTwenty-four-hour closed patch test